About Priest Lake Search & Rescue

PLSAR Primary Mission

To provide an immediate response force of well-trained and properly equipped volunteers to assist persons lost, injured or in distress within the Priest Lake Area, and to serve the public welfare in any disaster or emergency, when requested by proper authority.

NOTE: Priest Lake Search & Rescue responds as a SAR Task Force, (under the Incident Command System providing its own communications and internal command structure), to assist the Incident Commander as directed. Field operations are normally conducted under the authority, direction, and liability protection of the County Sheriff's Office being assisted, per Idaho State Code.


  • To develop and maintain a professional, general and technical level of search and rescue services within the Priest Lake Community.
  • To assist the Bonner County Sheriff's Office with its Search and Rescue responsibilities as defined in Idaho State Code.
  • To assist the Sheriffs of those counties surrounding Priest Lake, with their SAR responsibilities, upon request for direct or mutual aid.

PLSAR Objectives

  • To recruit, equip, and train members to a general and technical level of competence in search and rescue disciplines.
  • To raise funds to provide and maintain for general and technical rescue training and equipment.
  • To reduce the response time of SAR volunteers operating in the Priest Lake region.
  • To improve and strengthen a positive relationship between Priest Lake (citizens and businesses) and the Bonner County Sheriff's Office.