PLSAR Training & Events Calendar

2017 Training and Events Document

General Meetings & Board Meetings - Priest Lake

Meetings begin at 1800 hrs. All members must attend one, and are encouraged to attend all.

Date Location Short Training Offered
January 13th Priest Lake Backcountry Specific Pack List
February 10th Sandpoint Crime Scene Awareness
March 10th Priest Lake Maps/Compass
April 14th Priest Lake TBD
May 12th Sandpoint ATV Unit Overview
June 9th Priest Lake TBD
July 14th Priest Lake Radio/Comms
August 11th Priest Lake TBD
September 8th Sandpoint Basic ICS
October 13th Priest Lake TBD
November 10th Priest Lake Potluck/Social

  2017 Skills Trainings


        BCRU Indicates trainings are typically open to any active member, but some trainings have restrictions to BCRU members only. If you'd like to attend a BCRU training, please contact Matt Isch at (208) 699-6066.   

       GM Indicates trainings are typically open to all PLSAR members.

Joint training with PL Ambulance Jan 7th BCRU 1000 Priest Lake
CPR/First Aid/AED New Cert Jan 14th GM 1000 Sandpoint
Avalanche Awareness Jan 21st BCRU 1000 Sandpoint
Tech Rescue Skills Feb 18th BCRU 1000 TBD
CPR/First Aid/AED New Cert Feb 18th GM 1000 Sandpoint
Mock Rescue Mar 18th BCRU 1000 TBD
CPR/First Aid/AED Rcert Mar 19th GM 1000 Sandpoint
Wilderness First Aid*** April 8th/9th GM 0800 Sandpoint
New Member Orientation Apr 15th GM 1000 Sandpoint
Navigation-GPS May 6th GM 1000 Priest River
Track Awareness May 20th GM 1000 Sandpoint
PLSAR Academy June 10-11th GM 0800 Priest Lake
BCRU recon/mock Kent Lake June 17th BCRU 0900 Priest Lake
Firearms Training July 23rd GM 0900 Priest Lake
Firearms Qualification July 30th GM 0900 Priest Lake
Mock Rescue> Sep 9th BCRU 1000 TBD
GPS/Pack Check/Physical Test Oct 7th BCRU 1000 TBD
Survival Skills Nov 4th GM 1000 TBD
CPR/First Aid/AED Recert Nov 4th GM 1000 Coolin
Tech Rescue Skills Dec 16th BCRU 1000 TBD

  2017 Events (Fund Raisers)


All members are required to attend one fundraising event per calendar year in order to remain an ACTIVE member.

Priest Lake Mother's Day Marathon Saturday, May 13thTBDPriest Lake
Fun RunSunday, May 28thTBDPriest Lake
Huckleberry FestivalSaturday, July 15thTBDPriest Lake
Sandpoint Long Bridge SwimSaturday, August 5thTBDSandpoint
Priest Lake TriathlonSaturday, August 26thTBDPriest Lake

Important mission callout information and key numbers:

1. Responding Immediately (within the hour)
3. Response Delayed (more than an hour)
5. Responding next shift
7. Unavailable
8. Received - Test Notification
9. Cancelled

Default/No Code - Call Received.

To respond, please call:

PLSAR Key Numbers

Command Post Phone: Only during missions

Coolin: 208-443-1308 or 208-443-5408
Sandpoint: 208-963-8011 or 208-963-8012
Sheriff's Office Business Line: 208-265-5525

Primary Radio Comms Zone: NETWORK
Primary Helicopter Comms Zone: PLSAR - EMS2
Talk - About Comms Zone: PLSAR - VTAC11 or VTAC12

GPS Coordinates:
  • Primary: UTM
  • Secondary: DDD/MM.MMMM
  • Map Datum: WGS84
Note-1:We use IAMRESPONDING (IAR) to notify all members of any SAR Missions. When you receive any notification from IAR, you are expected to reply, with one of the Response Codes listed above.
Note-2:We test IAR monthly. If you are not receiving IAR notifications, please contact Herman Bloomberg (282-798-2352) ASAP.
Note-3:There is also a free smart phone app for PLSAR's mission callout system. Go to your app store and search for Iamresponding.Contact Matt Isch, Herman Bloomberg, or Tom Pell for assistance in getting log-in info.